The One Lyrics

by Lupe Fiasco

Shout out to Slaughter House. Joe Budden Royce Crooked Joel
Uh yea The game was looking weak the whole scene starved
so I came through with some muscle milk and protein bars
barbells and jumpropes bowflex's to body it
and a couple billy blank taebo karate kicks
if you aint million dollar dreaming then we opposites
in highschool i was voted the most ted dibiasiest
also the most slepton cause my ted dibiasiness
an inglorius bastard and you looking like a nazi bitchhhhhhhhh
they say its hard out here for old boy, then tell me where taraji is
i am going so raw, watch me soysauce wasabi this nobu on them pro hot as H E Double hockey sticks
make sure you give the chef your compliments
and thank him for his constantly great taste in accomplishments
a smiley face emoticon if you wanna remain anonymous
my retirements on hold i got the whole world on conference
matchstick man i really have the confidence
that im a give em G.O.O.D. music like common sense and consequence
content thats relevant around the continent
new york houston, chitown, los angeles