The Riot's Gone Lyrics

by Santigold

(Verse 1)

I've been looking for a fight,
All the trouble that I know.
Tryin' to loose the world inside,
But it's got no place to go.

Oh I'm more dangerous,
At the whim of my command.
I've been searchin' for an angle,
For a cause I can't defend.


Oh take me home,
Let me go all day,
Just beat there til I know,
Til I know, that the riot's gone, the riot's gone away.

Eeeh, Eeeh ee, Eeeh ee.

(Verse 2)

I've been haunted all my life,
On a brink of something close.
People know that I write,
Know I'm grapplin' with a ghost.

Oh, I more dangerous,
And I'm defeaned by the freight.
Waiting for the day I'm able
and I said it all this way.


Eeeh, Eeeh ee, Eeeh ee, etc.