The Slowdown Lyrics

by T Bone Burnett

Its time to kill
Leaf through this here travel proposal
The imbecile
All we have is at your disposal
Lets go
Youre under stress, change your address
Out on the slowdown
Be Anonymous
Out on the slowdown
Be Hieronymus

The lights too bright
Stand over there while I take your picture
An awful blight
Take these until you find the right mixture
Lets go
Youre looking pale
get out of jail

Therell be a showdown
Youre hard to please
Out in the slowdown

The streets too sleek
I believe you can live without this
The scenes too bleak
I have a bad feeling about this.
Lets go
Corrosive sex with sound effects

Therell be a blowdown.
Take a deep breath
Out on the slowdown
Then death.