The Wrong Way Lyrics

by TV on the Radio

Wake up in a magic nigger movie
With the bright lights pointed at me as a metaphor
Teachin' folks the score
About patience, understanding, agape babe
And sweet, sweet amour

When I realized where I was
Did I stand up and testify, oh, fist up signify
Or did I show off my soft shoe
Maybe teach 'em a boogaloo
Busy playing the whore

Oh, loiterers united, indivisible by shame
Hungry for those diamonds
Served on little severed bloody brown hands
Oh, the bling drips, oh, the bling drips down
Fallin' down just like rain

I don't wanna cast pearls to swine, I don't wanna march peacefully
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, new Negro politician
Is stirring, is stirring, is stirring inside me
No there's nothing inside me, but an angry heart beat
Can you feel this heart beat?

Oh, fear we're fallin' off, oh, terror we're pained
Oh, hunger we're starvin' off roasted vermin sustain
This shit will have to sustain
Shootin' doves from off balconies, they wanna shackle the lame
By now you know their game

Little Nina arose
Went to stand by her pay phone
Waited for her caller to ring, said
Ask me anything
I just asked for her

I just asked for her say so
And with permission
I'm gonna take liberty
And I'm tellin' you to take it too
'Cause it's right there in front of you

Hey, desperate youth
Oh, blood thirsty babes
Oh, your guns are pointed
Your guns are pointed the wrong way
Your guns are pointed the wrong way