There You Are Lyrics

by Iyaz

Verse 1:
When my days are dark and my nights are cold
You come over so i won't be alone
You canceled an engagement with your friends
I cherish every single second that we spend

And i can count on you to never let me down
You tell me that you love me Without making a sound
And i can't help the way i feel
When you are around

Cause when the sun comes up on a rainy day
and i thought I'd never love again
But now I say, there you are.
There you are

When the times got hard, they said you'd leave
Turns out you were the only one that stood by me
There you are
There you are

Verse 2:
It's funny how them other guys checking you.
And saying I can't do the things they can do.
But i got something they can never give.
And this will be around even when money ain't.



Got a look in your eye, got me burnin inside.
And if you were to leave it would eat me alive.
Uh huh, ya got me lossed for words.
Uh huh, and baby you don't know, whoa