Thought I Was Gone, Hello Lyrics

by Machine Gun Kelly

i would like to dedicate this, to uh, fuck it
open my phone up everyday to 80 voicemails
from 80 different callers
But to keep it 100, yall really know Kells, nah
Underestimated, but over stood, lets just hope Im a knock, knock, on wood
But either way Im on another level thank to swisher
Ladies love when Im around so y'all look better than the pictures,
God damn right
I coined embrace the expression that I am fly
Cause Im high as fly and above all of them land lives
Im like Picasso with this damn mike, listen up
I gave the game stability, I am the missing crutch
call me collector,
Even know they hate me, you dont have a choice but to respect it, ha
Peter picked up Pepper and I just picked the dream
And fell asleep know everything I dos a movie scene
But I just wanna live, and never act, blow a pack and won it back
Now everybody from my city knows the name Kelly
My father thought I was a screw up, till I blew up
Take a look at what the fame did
From stains to stainless, fridges in my cribz the illest, getting lifted like the planes is
The money come and go, but the heart stays
Trying to keep my mind free is them junior high days
I guess we came a long way since myspace
Seem like my name is all over the country like the highways
But they telling me the home is where the hate is
Well fuck that Im gone then my spaceship
Then ready for take off
See me on Venus with extraterrestrials, puffing the greenest of the space raw
Already reaching if I will not make it to tomorrow

Ima wake and dedicate this to the ceiling
Cause the fans make sure Im on my mission
This is the pursuit of happiness fuck a million
We just over here living

Which is why I never put out the blunt
Surrounded myself with the realest
Which is why I never put up a front
But I did turned my back to all
To everybodys opinion, and gave the critics a reason to kiss my ass
I know my skins a little different,
I guess Ill blame the lack of presence on my skin pigment
Ive been dough, Ive been fliest the rest of them
I just always been ill and they got the medicine
Guess I wouldnt want me around either
Vocals sick enough to fuck around and get listeners to jungle fever
Look at me now pops up in the sky box, a few clearer than eye drops
And I rock all the shows all the hoes and more
Open up my closet looking like a clothing store
I dont never wanna grow up, Peter Pan
So roll it up and lets hit neverland kells
And everybody who just trying to make a living
Doing whatever they goata do to get it, put your hands up
Whether you work on the streets or in the buildings
Everybody that is handling they bizness, put your hands up
Me Im just chasing the dream why they sitting
So everybody who isnt bullshitting, please stand up, please stand up
dedicated to my fans
Thought I was gone, Im back... hello