Together You And I Lyrics

by Dolly Parton

Du-u-u Du-u-u Du-u-u-u-u-u wa Du-u wa

My love for you is deeper than the depths of any ocean,
And as faithful as the stars that grace the night,
As constant as the sun making its journey through heavens,
and we'll always be together you and I.

Together you and I can stop the rain and make the sun shine.
Paint a pretty rainbow, brushed with love across the sky,
Together you and I belong, like a songbird and a song
and we'll always be together you and I

Life with you is sweeter than the fragrance of the flowers
And as happy as the laughter of a child
As peaceful as a river and as lasting as forever
you know we'll always be together you and I


I always be beside or close behind you.
Wherever you go, you'll always know I'll always find you


We'll always be together, you and I

Forever together, forever you and I
(forever you and I du-du)
Forever together, together you and I will always be
(together, together)
Together, you and I........