Touch Lyrics

by Lawson

I think you could help me
Get back to the world
Im spinning out of control
Help me
Im drifting alone
Im sinking
I need you to hold
Id do anything to hear you say
That youre going to take the pain away
I just need you back in my arms.
So I
I try
Id do my best to reach you
Because Im drowning in this flood.
I cry
Coz my world has gone to pieces
And I cant get close enough
To touch.
Save me
Im losing myself
Im falling
I need nobody else
Im swimming in against the tide
Im trying to save my life
Just get me back to your heart.
This time the world is washing over me
Cant breathe in
Im choking
Cant wait forever
Need you desperately
See youll never let go.
To touch / To touch.