Travelin' High Lyrics

by John Fogerty

Here come that good ol' travelin' band once again, mmm, hmm
Back in the alley, lookin' like a long-lost friend, oh yeah
I know for certain there won't be no jive
We're back in business and you know we can fly, fly, fly
Oh, my, my, travelin' high

Hey, hey, it's been a long, long time, yeah
But if it's all right, you know you're gonna blow my mind, oh yeah
'Cause I'm a natural boogie-woogie fool
Ain't good for nothin' but chasin' down the hoochie, coo
Oh, my, my, travelin' high, yeah

Now whatcha gonna do with that old rockin' chair, mmm, hmm?
Just sit you right down and start to rock, start to rock
Start to rockin' away from here
'Cause you ain't nothin' but a struttin' fool
Back in the alley with the hoochie, coochie, coo
Oh, my, my, travelin' high, high, high, yeah