Tryin' Lyrics

by Don't Look Down

The years have gone by
and i still think of u.
Couldnt sleep at night,
I was just thinking what to do.
All i wanted was to see that u cared,
but wen the time was right,
U were never there.
Tonight i saw u and i knew this day would come,
I wanted to show u that im really not that dumb.

[verse #2]
look at me looking better than u ever did
i wanna show u something that i know we never had
even tho i tried i couldnt walk away
couldnt say things i really had to say to you ..anymore
but im trying not try... anymore.
trying not to try.

been waitin for this moment for too long
and i want it so bad but i know its wrong
why cant u feel the way i do for u
why do i keep holding on..

Trying.... Im trying not to try
Trying...Im trying not to try