Turning Me On (Remix) Lyrics

by Lil Wayne

Im High as hell, Swagger right, Flow like afterlife
I Got a gorilla appetite, I Make your wife my snack tonight,
Why you still white like Aphrodite
The Lambo new, the Lambo nice,
The Lambo bad, The Lambo bright, and the cops can kiss my lambo lights,
Im Gone
Hello I turn you on, She feel in love with an alien, I give her my space,
cuz thats my home, now sit in my face like its your throne,
yeah Im nasty, yeah I know, Im nasty like no other,
make her say You can get it Mothafucka!
I burn you out like a candle, fire flow better not wear sandals,
Hey Keri, Im a bedroom vandal,
Run up in your room and make you drop that flanel
Im just playing boo, I hope I didnt offend you
But turn you on and up is what a man do
And Im the man, it aint no secret baby
And this is the remix baby