Unusual Lyrics

by Classified

It's raining inside
but that's not unusual
but the way I'm feel it
become unusual
I guess you can say, the clouds moving away

(Joe Budden)
No more running from the black cloud got it all mapped out
put it in a figure 4 into a tap out
still there some rather see me in a crack house
Newsflash if you thinking I'm a (???)
Probably not a fan nigga that ain't what I rap bout
I'm on tent I'm gonna try and achieve it
I'm such a (???) but they don't bother to read it
The teacher said I will never get ahead
All I can do is laugh, but (???) all funny
According to her I'll be dead before twenty
Ms. Cole I've been mislead before hunny, I'm checking for more money
You will be disorganized, use to stand in tortures eyes from my walk of life
Want to let her know I got a lot left to give, It's difficult to understand what you never lived