Used And Abused Lyrics

by Midnight Oil

I was taken downtown for my part in the demonstration
I was used and abused with the light in my eyes at the station
I said, "No, no, you got the wrong man
No, no, don't pick on me again
No, no, I'm going home to my family and friends"

I'm too busy making a living to make any money and the living ain't easy
And the money disappears in a hurry
I said, "No, no, I'm going back to school
No, no, they're treating me so cruel
No, no, I'm breaking all the rules"

I was talking to the man, he said, "We're gonna make a deal"
I was fooled into thinking that the paper in my pocket was real
I said, "No, no, you've been taken again
No, no, you're losing all your friends
No, no, it's just a matter of sense"