Vegetable Man Lyrics

by Pink Floyd

In yellow shoes I get the blues
Though I walk the streets with my plastic feet
With blue velvet trousers, make me feel pink
There's a kinda stink about blue velvet trousers
In my paisley shirt, I look a jerk
And my turquoise waistcoat is quite outta sight
But oh oh my haircut looks so bad
Vegetable man where are you?
So I've changed my gear, and I find my knees,
And I cover them up with the latest cut,
and my pants and socks all fold in a box
it don't take long to buy nylon socks
The watch, black watch
My watch, with a black face
And the date, in a little hole,
And all the lot is what I got,
It's what I wear, it's what you see,
It must be me, it's what I am,
Vegetable man.
I've been looking all over the place for a place for me,
But it ain't anywhere, it just ain't anywhere.
Vegetable man, vegetable man,
He's the kind of fella, you just gotta see if you can,
Vegetable man.