Wahid Lyrics

by Mos Def

When all is said and done there's only one

Cash and carry, legendary Sagittarius, style's wary
And it's very necessary, get it clearly
Never scary, barely worried, bright and early
Bald head, straight or curly, mundane other worldly

No chain, I'm the jewelry that jackers can't snatch
The gingerbread the slave masters can't catch
Blat, now put your minds on that
Get real or get back, quit frontin' and face facts

The old timers say we're living in the final days
Gun smoke, young folks living any kind of way
Gangster holiday, greedy snakes and hideaways
Meanwhile soldiers take it straight through their armor plates

Crash hit the market gates, marvels of the modern age
Access is instant and treachery is common place
I sense the dangers and I'm not afraid
Because when all is said and done there's only one man up

Playboy playing the game, boy
Pull back spectacular aim, boy
Say what you say, boy, whoever could make noise
And ride range off in the same voice

Conduct an arrangement with definite language
It's pure inspiration for this generation
Speak true free love
'Cause when all is said and done there's only one

And the one can done so cool
Schooling the young like Rev Run
Quote pop and till they keep their heads up
And when the pressure comes down press back and press up

Fret not ghetto world, guess what
God is on your side, the devil is a lie
The empire holds all the gold and the guns
But when all is said and done there's only