Waitin' On a Miracle Lyrics

by Matthew West

Im down to my last drop of faith
My last ounce of strength
My knees are worn
From waitin on a miracle
Ive prayed, God, Ive prayed
Ive stormed the gates in Jesus name
Crying out night and day
Just waitin on a miracle
But I dont know how much longer
I can hold out hope tonight
And I wish my will was stronger
But instead Im just a weary heart
Waitin on a miracle
Ive heard Your hand can calm a raging sea
But can You calm the storm in me
Cause thats how it feels
When youre waitin on a miracle
And my soul longs for the day
When I see the answer to the prayer Ive prayed
And itll all be worth the wait
Waitin on a miracle