Walk This Road Lyrics

by Tinchy Stryder

In 86 I landed, with love I was surrounded, within a couple years, my first " ...." counted,
Told my fam I loved them, although I dont kiss or hug them, miss my aunt and cousins .. guess there's something about them,
Love, its kinda weird, I can hardly say the word, I find easily hard to break my heart inside a verse,
I let emotions show, but in person its all deserved, speak out dont let the vision blur..
Wait I was feeling stronger,just the other day now the journeys feeling longer,
Im trying too up the pace, no go feeling under..
Im climbing up the stage .. (Echo)
You keep rolling , the walls are going too keep on growing..
The saying that my fame is showing, but its different when you get these glows ,
You Aint ever going too walk this road road road this road road ,
never going too walk this road road road, never gunna going to walk this road.