We Ride Lyrics

by Nipsey Hussle

(Verse 1)
Tatoo's on my faces
'Cause i beat all my cases
Finally off probation, But im not on vacation
im Young , im Rich , im Famous .
Your bitch is amazing .
She came through and fucked me good and told me not to say shit .
Oops lil ma thats my bad
Filmed you on my Ipad
Showed all of my bro-bro's that big screen , your fine ass
I fucked her til she climaxed , that beadboard she palm that
Turned around , threw it back so i went deep inside that
look .. X-rated highly inticipated
Drunk as fuck im smokin' blunts she's puffin' papers
Get Pussy from these bitches this shit is just like a Layup
Just on this marathon now it aint nothin more to say but ..
The more you pursue her , acting crazy looking stupid
The more she falling for this young nigga chasin Gooda
Bullet Proof black on black im blowing circles out the roofa ... Just muckin to this music like, like ..
( Hook )
And We ride .. Seat back , Top down , Music bangin, Hands in the sky .
And We Ride .. Top off , Seat back , Music playin' , Blood shot eyes .
And We Ride .. Seat back , Top off , Music bangin , Baby lookin fly
And We Ride .. Top off , Seat back , Music playin' , when ?