Wealth and Hell Being Lyrics

by Robert Pollard

Need I go,
I insist on a boat of many colors
Oh, just try and watch
Need I go near the sun
Need I go,
I insist as a co-existent number
As the rising tide and the coastline divide

Breaking the wheel for a spoke
Strange worlds are visually known
Best not to go alone

Where I see you in a ghostly light
See you now slowly evaporate

Need I weep or lament
not far off from dimming shadows
Oh, yes, even shadows still give light
Need I try
Need I note
Any clue on a chart of many numbers
As we count more unto what we are alike

As we go up, we down
As we hit sky, we touch ground
Making an impact, in fact

Just to see you now
Taking a witness stand
Be with you now
No friend or enemy

Need I throw a new coat on a boat of fading color?
Say, 'yes,' to me.