We'll Have Tomorrow Lyrics

by Little Shop Of Horrors

Don't you be frightned,
don't be afraid.
I'll get us out of,
This mess that i've made.

Don't ask questions tonight.
Just touch and go.
No one ever got hurt,
from what they don't know.

Seymour: We'll have tommorow,
trust me it's true.
We'll have tommorow,
we'll get through.

Clouds will be parted,
sun will shine bright.
We'll have tommorow,
if we make it through tonight.


Seymour and Audrey: We'll have a family.
Three kids or four.
Light in the window
Christmas wreath on the door.

Roses are red love.
Weddings are white.
We'll have tommorow,
if we, just get through tonight.


Seymour: Don't you be frightned
don't be afraid.
If we see tommorow,
we've got it made.