What You Say To Me Lyrics

by Diggy

let me pop my collar
pick it up , pick it up
like i drop my wallet
litterer , everything you drop been garbage
got me all wound up ya'll done ya'll done got me started
wish a nigga would try
i ain't with the drama
take me for a good guy,
Michael Jordan's number
i ain't with the bull jive all i do is holla
i can bring the wolves out . let'em satisfy they hunger
the number one question: what's up with your fam?
seen the pictures of your sister doing yoga in the sand.
how are u and jojo, is he mad ? i'm just saying
And we ain't seen Vanessa since the show last premiered ( damn )
i'm tired of hearing it
i just wanna rap my way to the top of the pyramid .
Be the best lyricst alive, dead, period
i'm made for the crown yo peep the way
i'm wearin it
whoever claim king nah i ain't dissin ya

hey you might be king but your title's only titular
everybody listen up: flows i hick em up
tear down shows, every show i rip em up
taking ya'll to school keep up with your cirricular
if you ain't talking money keep it movin, vehicular
i got thick skin with a coat and i zipped it up
so when your talk out your lip
i say nigga what ha
what you say to me ?
what you say to me?
what you say to me?
The other day i was listening to purple rain
couldn't believe the things i heard em him say
'' who dat?'' ''who dat?''
you know who it is
heard you lying on my sis telling people u hit .
when your ablum drops
i'm gunna hit you with your bricks
so i'm bomb first on you since you wanna rift
who you gonna call? you ain't got no friends
your fight is fixed ( hah)
you ain't go no wins
lil nigga think he cold , think he lot like me
jetsetter , trendsetter nah you like me
can't find a girl you know that do not like me
i can't find a girl i know who know you, you local
Wasn't even poppin' u in the school
you use to go to
got aight lyrics but can't deliver your vocals
i'm about to read you your rights, Miranda
only thing you hittin in the morning is your hand ( uh)
stand up , matter fact sit down
don't try to call hovi hov for a sit down
college boy, acting like a criminal
knowing you a brokeback Jake Gyllenhaal ( uh)
you imaginary player
even TMZ didn't even know that you were there
jeez you is such a dweeb and your shirts don't fit : long arms, short sleeves heesh
what you say to me?
what you say to me?
what you say to me?