What's Clef Lyrics

by Wyclef Jean

{If you'd like to make a call
Dial your operator
If you need help, try, try again
Try, try again}

I got it started to my face
I got it started to my face, right?
What you thought
There wasn't gonna be no retaliation?

Ha, ha, ha
You gotta be kiddin'
You call my name four times on a record?
Hey, hey

{If you need help
Try, try again, try again}

Yo, "Return of Jack the Ripper," what? Nigga please
I'ma push you further back than your hairline recedes
New York City, don't get it confused
Your song will last as long as your part in "Krush Groove"

Body moves, the battles, bullets, the lesson
You write about being a veteran but not a legend
Back from the war with thirty-two medals of honor
You claimin' underground but never been to Bobbito the Barber

Gimme them medals back, since you forgot how to rap
Call DJ Bobcat and ask him where them old records at
Like Channel Five karate, my kick is gonna reach ya
A new episode where the student kills the teacher

Any last words before I send you to your dream?
Hold my hands and pray


You don't got knowledge yourself
So you don't know what that mean, aight?
Who supped you up to do the record
In the first place?

It lacked taste, you get "The Gas Face"
Like 3rd Bass
L.L. stands for Lickin' Lyor, or Lickin' Lichty
Lickin' Lyles, Lickin' Labels, lickin' they balls

Under the conference room table
When you hear this record, you bound to go AWOL
I worked too hard for this life is serious
This ain't bulls-eye, I ain't your target practice

So call Mr. Martin, I rarely kill often
But in this sound clash, I got a bodybuilder's coffin
Back from Miami where your record got no heat
That's why your Def Jam interns call it, "Battle of the Beats"
You're weak nigga

{If you need help, try, try again
Try again}

Yo, this my question
What's your question?

What's Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?
What's Clef?
I'm not a Bob Marley impostor
What's Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?
Tell your ghost writers, "Go write something better"

{If you need help, try, try again
Try again}

Guess who? Uh, oh, uh, oh
Here we go, oh, uh, oh
Every two records you do scenario
You get the best MCs, how? To rhyme first

Of course you rap last, so you can show off your skirt
I guess, it didn't work on, "4, 3, 2, 1"
You got out done by Canibus the young gun
Your last weapon is to call out Wyclef Jean

Not knowing that you callin' fire for your cremation
Jammin' and cool, sumpthin' like you

Jamaicans say, "L.L. a fool"
Kids wet too who do the pool
Let bells ring like Sunday school
L.L. Cool J is hard as hell?

So hard at night he's Jezebel
I heard the teller, Himmemel
How you think he wrote the song?
Rock the bells

Yo, Clef
I know you got styles but get back to the issue kid
This is real

Yo, don't get me angry, like the Hulk, I'll turn green
Your marriage is a cover up 'cause you use Vaseline
Fun love of hip-hop, these lyrics got you steamed
Knowing damn well that bad men don't wear G-strings

Another side of Clef, the face you won't seein' oppressed
I even got the Devil worshipers sayin', "God bless"
You star struck and I'ma buck you like Carlito
And when they say, "Who did it?," you tell them Benny Blanco

Wyclef, preacher's son, check the revelation
Polygram buy Def Jam for twenty million
MCA buy Polygram for eleven billion
I come to Sony and get pimped by the Haitian-Sicilians

And I'll even, get you an ad in, "The Source"
You'll be the first rapper selling products for hair loss
The W Y C L E F, Wyclef
The return of 'Jack the Ripper' was only to meet his death

The next time, you wanna dis me for kicks
Get off my dick, go somewhere and lick your lips, bitch
If you need help, try, try again, try again
Rest in peace

What's Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?
What's Clef?
I'm not a muscle man impostor
What's Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?

Watch what you ask for 'cause you just might get it
Yo, this is Naomi Campbell chillin' with Wyclef
I just wanna tell you L.L., your record is wack
L.L., why don't you just give up?

{If you need help, try, try again
Try again
If you need help, try, try again
Try, try again}