Where Could I Go Lyrics

by Ben Harper

There's no deals to be made with the dawn
Now I fear that our time has come and gone

They say "Freedom is just a place to hide"
Now I'm, I'm coming to You with my arms, my arms, my arms open wide
Oh, won't you tell me where could I go to the Lord?

Now take a prayer with you to heaven for me
Oh, and give it to the Lord
Give it to the Lord

'Cause nothing else could save a sinner, sinner like me
Oh, but an Angel's, Angel's, Angel's, Angel's word
And just an Angel's word

Now, oh now, what is, what is too true, what is hard is much too true
Oh and what's true oh, is much too too hard
And now where, where could I go but to the Lord?

Mama was hard on us but we could take it
And papa didn't give a damn and couldn't fake it

And they say, "Freedom, oh, freedom is just an other place to hide"
Now I'm coming to You with my arms open wide
And tell me where could I go, oh, to the Lord