Where Is Everybody? Lyrics

by Lorraine Feather

Theres a jukebox blasting in this dive, but theres
Not a soul to jump and jive.
Where is everybody?
No one to jump, no one to jive,
No way to spend my buck eighty-five.
Where is everybody?

Theres a whole lotta no one on this street.
Not a single bird goin Tweedle-ee-oo-deet.
Where is everybody?
Suddenly I got way too much time to kill.
The whole scene is weirdsville.

Calling all cars,
Calling all cars,
Theres a maniac loose in town.
If we were there,
And there were people to scare,
You can bet we would bring him down.

Whos that woman with the frozen grin?
Man, the chicks only a mannequin!
Where is everybody?
I put a U.S. nickel in a pay phone,
One friendly voice, and I wouldnt be
So alone!

The number you have dialed
Is not a working number.
The number you have dialed
Is not a number ...

Who could be ringin that old church bell?
Who turned on the water in that jail cell?
Where is everybody?
Betcha they been hidin somewhere!
Gonna jump out and give me
A whale of a scare.

Women and men,
Will I see them again?
Im hoping I do, and soon.
With no human race,
Its like bein in space,
Askin that great big moon,
Where, where, where,
Where is everybody?