Who's Gonna Fight For Me Lyrics

by JoJo

everybody got what they paid for tonight
they just go on with their lives
never feel the heat, the light
I hate to see em walk away
and home is where the bed lies, it aint right
been wrestlin myself reachin out for help, for a long long time
thinkin over, try gettin sober
lookin round for somethin to hold onto
if it's not a lover, who'll be my cover?

who's gonna fight for me?
will anybody fight for the fighter?
does anybody know where to find her?
cuz maybe I just need a reminder, and noone's gonna rescue me
I know I'm not just in it alone
I've gotta learn to stand on my own
cuz I'm the only one in the way
who's gonna fight for me?
oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa
yeah yeah

it's just me and my victory
but what does it really mean?
there's nobody around to see
I'll never let em see me cry
and what is the reason
I keep on believin
that I will find something to hold onto?
if it's not a lover, who'll be my cover?


it's over time that I feel it
pushing me over my limit
sometimes I wonder if I'm even meant to be in it
well baby I'm not quitter
so Imma stand with my chin up
cuz at the end of the day
I know that I'm gonna win it! yeah

Chorus 2x