Wish I'd Never Met You Lyrics

by Rolling Stones

And I wish I'd never met you
And I wish that I would cry
And my whole life I'd loved you baby
And I know deep down inside

That I wish that I would die
And I wish, our love would die
And I wish that I could collect from you
For all your senseless crimes, yeah

And I wish that I forgot her
And I'll buy another drink
And all the love you've taken back
Was all that took me sane

And all the things you told me
And all there was to tell
And all that love you've taken back
Will this all end up in hell, well

And I wish that day I met you
With a thought, with a doubt
And all my dreams were broken
And just lying on the ground

And I lost the day I met you
And I cursed your way of life
And all that times you broken me
Now I was chocked, chocked up inside, well

And I wish the day I told you
Was all my love for sale
And I just can't trust you, baby
You're just lying over here

And I wish I had a dollar
And I wish I had a dime
For all the lies you told me
And all your central crimes

And I just, just got to leave you
And lying in your dreams
'Cause all those lies are broken
And all those special things, well