Wonderfully Made Lyrics

by Matthew West

Once upon a time
Life was so innocent
Somewhere along the line
Youre smile came and went
They made you feel like
You just dont measure up
They try to steal your light
But you are a treasure of
The maker of the stars, the stars
You dont have to wonder
You are wonderfully made
Perfectly beautiful in every way
Wonderfully, wonderfully made
Youre anything but typical its true
They aint seen anybody quite like you
God never makes a mistake
You are wonderfully, wonderfully made
See, once upon a time
There was a secret place
Where heavens hand designed
Even those freckles on your face
Some things youd rather trade
Some things you try to fix
Love has one thing to say
Its perfect just the way it is, just the way it is
So the world could see the works of God on display
So let your doubts and your fears and your questions fade away
Let em fade away
Once upon a time life was so innocent
I think its time that smile found its way back home again