Worth It Lyrics

by Timeflies

How can you stop, when its everything you dreamed
And theres so far left to run
How can you quit when its all youve ever wanted
And you dont know whats to come
But dont you see this is what you hurt for
And this could be all youve ever worked for

One step down
With a million left to go
Its just us now
And I wanna let you know
That it was all worth it
It was all worth it

Why do you hide
From exactly what it is youve been searching for all along
And why do you wait
Cuz you know if you dont go and get it youll regret it all when its gone
You try so hard its what you play this game for
Its time you start getting what you came for


It wouldnt be half as nice
Without that struggle and hustle you know that thats the life
Its got me thinkin
Its got me thinkin
Cuz you went and did it right
See now you work all day and then you play all night
Now youre singin
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Whoaoh
Now youre singin