Would You Be Lyrics

by Bobby Valentino

I'm sure by now you can read me like a letter
Wear my feelings on my sleeve so you see them better
Makes me say it on my sweater
Mad everybody know that i'm riding with ya
And when i'm not around you I feel out of place
Cause I just wanna be around you
The chemistry is so cool
Wanna say your plain, support
Lets make this official, official

Would you be my shawty, shawty,
my lady, lady
my homie, homie, homie
Please be my shawty, shawty
my lady, lady,
my homie, homie, homie

Me and you go together like milk and cookies
I love you even when you' acting kinda moody
Thats how I know I gotta lock you down
Trust me when i say i'll never let you down
Let's stay together like George and Weezy