Wrack My Brain Lyrics

by George Harrison

Wrack my brain
wrack my brain

'Till my head is filled with pain -
Wrack my brain.
AII dried up - I'm all dried up.
AII I have's this empty cup - all dried up.
What I have you don't want -
What you want I can't give -
I got out of touch with you and your's
The way that you live.
I try to do my best for you -
While the sky pours down the rain - wrack my brain.
With a will there's a way

But there's no way - I can see.
Of coming up with something you'd enjoy as much as T.V.
AII the same I play the game
Up and down old memory lane - wrack my brain.
'Till my head is filled with pain - wrack my brain.
While I'll slowly go insane - wrack my brain.