You Are The Sun Lyrics

by Lionel Richie

Baby you'll find,
there's only one Love deeper than mine
I've got so much Love
and, needing you so,
my Love for you, I'll never let go
I've got so much Love.
All I want, is to (Hold you)
Let me show how much I Love you baby (Show you)
I don't mind, and I don't mind (Loving you)
Girl I Love, there's no one above you
You are the Sun.
You are the Rain, that makes my life this foolish game.
You need to know, I Love you so,
And I'd do it all again and again.
Whoa oh oh, Whoa oh oh, whoa ohh yea yea yea ......
Tell me it's true.
I can't believe you do what you do.
I've got so much Love.
And my Love, you'll see
We'll stay together, just you and me
I've got so much Love.
Only you (Know me)
Tell me how to Love you baby (Show me)
I don't mind, and I don't mind (Tell me)
Girl I Love, always thinking of you
Oh Girl,
I know you know, the way I feel and, I need your Love for always, 'cause, when I'm with you, I fall in Love -again and again, and again baby.
----CHORUS X4----