You Can't Touch Me Lyrics

by Royce Da 5'9

[Royce Da 5'9'']
T-M-Royce 5
Listen to why girls drop they drawls
Alot of em they wanna get involved
Well why you still holdin up the wall
Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Royce Five Nine
Sick Sick Emcee
Here to filter the game
Collect dips, MD
Trackmaster sound now who's to blame
'Bout to slap rappers around and briuse the game
O.k, jump (jump)
If you want the respect then come (come)
Get it from a nigga that'll merk you
Or tattoo ya name on my arm
Like you one of my dead homies, just to beat the case
Believe me, I'ma lead the race
What is my game?
Wakin up next to chicks like