You Told Me Baby Lyrics

by Bonnie Raitt

Told me baby
You were just too tired to try
There was nothing left for you to give
And no more tears to cry

I know she hurt you
But you know I've been hurt too
You just come to me
We'll see what a love can do

Told me baby
I was still too young to know
All the ways that love was going
To drag you down and just how low I'd go

In love and time between us
Makes no difference at all
You know, you're as desperate to get back up
As I am not to fall

Oh, baby, I've been looking for a man like you
Oh, darling, after all we've been through
There's no one left to fool, nothing left for us to do
Except me and you

Told me baby
To find somebody new
Do you really think that I'd come this far
Just to lose a man like you?

You know you've got to take a chance
If only you will stay
And if you've got the time baby, I've got the love
We might just find a way

We might just find a way, yeah
We might just find a way, yeah
We might just find a way, ooh