You'll Never Catch Me Lyrics

by Soundtrack

You ready?
Show me what you got well I'll be round round round
Go ahead and try to take me down down down
You're gonna have to do a little better than that
You're trying to keep it up but I'm a little too fast
You think you're gonna get me but you're wrong wrong wrong
Take another look and I'll be gone gone gone
Tell me when you think you've finally had enough
When you gonna get it
You should give it up

You'll never catch me
Is that all you think you've got
You'll never match me
Not a single chance
You'll never catch me
I'll leave you all behind
I'm revving like a roller, can unravel anytime
You'll never catch me
Leave you in the dust
You'll never scratch me
Not a single touch
You'll never catch me
Yeah it's sad but true
Only I can be a winner and you know you're gonna lose

Just try to come and get me tell ya no no no
When you gonna see that you're a little too slow
It doesn't really matter if you like it or not
I think you better tell me is that all you got
I see the way you lookin at you mad mad mad
I can tell you that you want me bad bad
I'm sorry that you're never gonna get what you want
Now don't you think you really better give it up?


You really think you have a chance?
You really think that you're the one?
You're telling me that you're the best?
Well let me show you how it's done
You better straddle and swathe
Make sure (?)
You better not imitate
Cause when the green light drops


You'll never catch me (3x)
Only I can be a winner and you know you're gonna lose