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Props n Pounds Lyrics

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"Here is someone that's obviously playing rock and roll who is also a
funk artist, who covered a lot of categories that which artists have
been separating for so long and brought them together purposely ... ."

Props n pounds
Props n pounds
Love 4 one another is the only sound 2day
Positivity is the only way

Props n pounds
Props n pounds
Love 4 one another is the only sound 2day
Negative people don't get to play
Props n pounds
Props n pounds
Why you wanna holler when you know what the bible say
Positivity is the only way

Once again when the coin is tossed
And lands upon the sea
Unsuspecting lives are lost
They didn't have to be
When the book is opened
and The Son condemns them all
Pagan holidays,crucifixes
$100 tears will fall

Chorus :
(no play)
(you know it)

All the ones still in the game
Never give me pounds
Egotists to proud to say the opposite of found
Worrying about the validity of the rulers crown
When everyone ought 2 be in line giving props n pounds

(hey hey hey)
Props n pounds
Props n pounds
Props n pounds

Once again when the money get tossed
Never gonna see npg floss
Keeping you happy is the only cost
Love God and everyone or your life will be lost
Listen to the words that will save every one
Safe sex campaign talking about a gun
With CON as the prefix, suffix be the DOM
Look at them both and tell me something
What's in the Trojan Horse? Lubrication.
Nothing goes in my woman except The Son



" ... I mean he's just one of the greatest live performers there is but
all this other stuff, the attitude, going on around it. I mean you can
be a great musician and not have the right kind of approach. And Prince
has the right approach 2. ...I think the gift of simplicity is like a
keynote of art I mean, he doesn't he knows when to stop - usually ...."

Props n pounds
Props n pounds
Props n pounds
Props n pounds

Chorus :
(U better choose right, U better choose right before your life get lost)
Props N Pounds.

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