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ASAP Rocky
Purple Swag Lyrics

This is for my n***** gettting high on the regular. This is for my b****** getting high on the regular. Purple drink, i still sip. Purple w***, blunt still lit. Real n**** real b****. Purple Swag , that trill s****. Them king kongs im coming down. That paint drip , I still tip. That pimp s*** she don't plan to f***. I pick up , I still hit. That Swag b****

Everything is Purple ( Swag )
Everything is Purple ( Swag ) ( Swag ) ( Swag )
I said Everything is Purple ( Swag )
Everything is Purple ( Swag ) ( Swag ) (Swag )

Purple Swag, Purple Swag, I'm in the zone, im getting throwed. That Purple Swag, Purple Swag, That purple smoke up in my clothes. That big booty , juicy fruity. Yellow Boned I wanna bone. Im getting Domed, I took her out. D*** in the mouth. She getting owned. I'm Flexin' still, Flexin' still, I'm sittin' high, I'm tippin' slow. I'm Texas trill, Texas trill, but in NY we spit it slow,
I got these bopas going crazy. They see me coming. Robitussin wit the scussin, A$AP tell these n***** something.

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