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Pussi Can Lyrics

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Verse 1
Pussi can take yo "Bitch"
Pussi can make you snitch
Pussi can make you trick
Pussi can get you rich
Pussi can make you ho
Pussi can throw them bowlz
Pussi can bring you low and get you so damn high
Pussi can make you cry
Pussi can make you lie
Pussi is alibis
Pussi don't pay no ties
Pussi can break a man, so he don't understand
That pussi is the plan
That pussi is the man

The pussi is
(What's that sound)

Verse 2
Pussi can make you talk
Pussi can make you stalk
Pussi can drop a dime and make you do that time
Pussi can be yo friend
Pussi can make you sin
Pussi can make you holla'and take that mighty dollar
Pussi can make you lazy
Pussi can drive you crazy
Pussi can take yo wife
Pussi could be a dyke
Pussi can break a nation without a hesitation
Pussi can discipline and take yo superman
Pussi can get you wet
Pussi can cause regret
Pussi can make you hate
Pussi can make you rape
Pussi can be the need that make yo ass plead
Pussi can make you front
Pussi can get you jumped

(The power)
Pussi can, Pussi can, yes it can, man
The pussi is
(What's that sound)

Pussi can break you off
Pussi can make you soft
Pussi can tie you down
Pussi can make you clown
Pussi can ride a curve
Pussi can work yo nerve
Like Maya's Caged bird
Pussi won't say a word
Pussi can you steal
Pussi can make you kill
Pussi gone keep it real
Pussi you know the deal
Pussi can make it pop
Pussi can make you drop and if you try to run
Pussi gone keep it locked

Pussi can, Pussi can, yes it can, man
The pussi is
(What's that sound)

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