Queens of The Stone Age

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Queens of the Stone Age - The Vampyre of Time and Memory (lyrics)

I want God to come and take me home
Cause I'm all alone in this crowd
Who are you to me
Who am i supposed to be
Not exactly sure anymore

Where is this going to
Can i follow through
Or just follow you, for a while

Does anyone ever get this right?
I feel no love

Ain't no confusion here
It is as i feared
The illusion that you feel, is real
To be vulnerable is needed most of all
If you intend to truly fall apart

You think the worst of all, is far behind
The vampyre of time and memories has died
I survived, I speak I breathe
I'm incomplete
I'm alive, Hooray!
You are wrong again
Cause i feel no love.

Does anyone ever get this right

Does anyone ever get this right
I feel no love

I feel no love

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