The Temper Trap

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Rabbit Hole (Live on Letterman)

I dont wanna be the only one round here
Everything Im sayings falling on deaf ear
Come to get you if you make another sound
Make you an example since youre crawling home
Anyone who listens gonna get their when the water floods down
To the rabbit hole
Hands up if you think youre gonna save us now
Before we shoot the mesenger for talking too loud
Well keep you on the run
'Til we get what we want
Every which way you go theyre gonna hunt you down
Making you believe a lot of sticks and bricks can get you stoned
Cause anyone who listen is gonna get theirs when the water floods down
To the rabbit hole
You think we're gonna run
If you think we're gonna run, you're wrong
Just feeding with flames
Arreting the fight
And its a cold day in hell
Itll be a cold day in hell
Before we're done
Just feeding the flame
Arresting the fight
With fire, with fire, with fire
Rabbit hole

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