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Racks Lyrics

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We goin get it.....

I'm riding in that: yeah, black on black on black, black on black on black thing, black on black on black thing,

What's that, and I got them racks on racks on racks, racks on racks on racks, racks on racks on racks,

No doorhandles on the door, aim 'em whistle throw,
Pull to the front of the club and I got them haters mad like T-bone,
And you know you boy don't don't slack,
Your girl don't got attaiched,
Now she right in my sack,
Like she don't know how to act,

Got two full bottles of patrone,
Making these drinks real strong
Please don't call me King Kong,
I'm about to climb to the top hold on,

I'm a player, I'm a pimp, I'm a mack,
I'm about to have a swagg attack,
And I'm riding the black Cadillac,
Ey watch me back these ho's to the back,

That loud cast smelling so wrong,
Chrys(tal) to the head I'm gone,
Ya'll n*gga's be smoking that zone,
Ya'll n*gga's be smoking so wrong,

I got a condo with a real nice view,
We can kick it by the beach or by the pool,
In M I A that's how we do,
And the ho's come though in groups,

That Benjamin Frank calone,
Make your b*tch come on (come on),
You goin call her phone,
But you goin hear that tone,

Like damn why ain't she picking up,
Look how she just switched it up,
Now you looking sick as f*ck,
It's funny she ain't even mentioned ya,

I'm faded, borderline twisted,
Lebron James, come and be a witness,
Brought the bottles out now I'm St. Nicholas,
These ho's sitting on my lap, but it ain't even Christmas,

Nice like his and I can't b*tch,
Next spot your time do the same sh*t,
I'm throwing shots back like I can't miss,
MJ I'm dangerouse,

I came in,
She stare cuz I'm famous,
She don't speak no English,
But she speaks body language,
I'm saying,
Without even thinking,
We be throwing Franklin's,
Like we making a payment,

I'm talking stacks on top of stacks, (what's that),
That's racks on top of racks,
I'm dropping facts on top of facts,
When you see me riding by that black on top of lac,

She wanna be next to me,
She calles me her XTC,
Cuz I get her in the mood, yeah that's my specialty,

And why wouldn't I do that,
Lil mama so bad, so bad,
Stacking racks on racks on racks,

Let's go, racks on racks on racks

Racks on racks on racks,
(just like that, yeah I'm sorry)

It's C O S S O M,
Uhm I'm him,
Probably, probably, probably wanna get this on film,
Better tell her, better tell him who get that,

C O S S O M, C O S S O M..............

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