Earl Sweatshirt

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Earl Sweatshirt - Rats

Yeaaaah bitch
Wolf Gang
Sweatshirt, uh

Ninety-four black music, beat a preacher's ass to it
Pigeon blood will leave the stool wall shitted up
Shit talk motherfuck, get your sister fucked
Shit, i hit the stripper up then go and pick a stick inside the fucking pots where we do them bitches up
Rip your writtens while my niggas splitting, splitting blunts
Eyes hazed with my middle finger up a stripper's cunt
Lights down, lit her up, sherm in my sippy cup
Ice picking cripples till I get my pickle rub
Catch me popping pimples, telling bitches triple 6s
Stab 'em with pencils in their temples till my dick erupts
It's really fucking simple, slut
Wolf Gang, get with us
Either that or grab a full fist of nuts and lick 'em up
Turn it up, fist of cup, give them bitches dick to suck
Let them drink the cum out of fucking [?] cup
Pours wider than the [?] that I'm sniffing up
Leave now if you ain't tryna get 'em titties touched
Rats was an unreleased song by Earl Sweatshirt supposedly recorded and produced sometime in 2010. Production was handled by Odd Future's leader, Tyler, the Creator. The beat and vocals on the song has a chopped and screwed feel to it with Earl's words being repeated over as well as the beat every so often.

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