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Red Lyrics

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red is the color, there's no other, red velvet tap your veins
red is the color, red is the lover, red as drippin' stains,
red as the lips the wet tongue licks, red as the eyes that weep,
mmm the bridegroom's red-devil cake, red as love,
red as hate, red as anger, red as rage, red as playin' games,
red as comin' home, red as poppies, fire and pain,
red as you and she, red as ecstasy, red as racing cars,
clinic cards, nirvana, red as a rose, a barfly's nose,
back alabama roads, the Grand Wizard's robes, red as china,
rubies, leather bridles, stirrups, red as sticky gooey syrup,
red as cavier, mars, red as hell, red stripe, life,
red as Jack the Ripper's surgical knife... ("you're better red.)
red as cherry, power, armies, jelly, red as Kahlo's Birth, mud,
sand and dirt, red magenta, Georgia clay, placenta,
red & black-venom lack, red as snakes-i'm crawlin, down
your back, red as a clown, Circus Mort, red as your way out,
red abort, red as pleasure, traitor, red flavor, red as walls,
smog, red silos, red stone, red sheets, read Keats, red sunset,
nuclear accident, red sleep, red wings, red emergency,
red candles, insects, trance, cannibals, red sea, pussy,
red shock, executioner's block, red as laughter, red slaughter
eaten by carrion, Sharon Bateman, fate, and Al's hair,
red sardonyx, red fingernails, lil' Red Ridin' Hood, MATADOR,
crucifix, red is good, red as red, red as stop, red prick...
("you're better red.) red as party, sacred altars, Lola's dress,
rubber halters, red as war, red Xmas, red as a temple,
red as your next meal, red prostitutes, red preachers, suits,
red mama's boots, red alert, red sex, red dessert, red hex,
red as crimson, scarlet, vermillion, red cactus,
a virgin's mattress, red as sin, red as ink in Ted and Norman's
skin, red candy, toys, red box, munition, red as flesh whipped
into submission, red as wounds of Christ,
Bluebeard's wife, red as meat is, red as Foetus...
("you're better red...)
red as an idea: Dec. 30, 1922 Aug. 29, 1991

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