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Red Magic Lyrics

feat. Lil Wayne

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[Intro - American Gangster)
I would not consist you change the name

[Chorus - Lil' Wayne (The Game)X3
Red Porsches
Red portraits
Red guns, if you dare
Come near thhe fortress
(We in the house!)

Don't you dare come near the fortress!
Don't you dare!
(We in the house!)

[Verse 1 - The Game]
Ay yo
Weezy Baby
Tell 'em we amazing
Better yet a army, the U.S. Navy
And tell Slim, I was raised on Cash Money
They can't kick me outta shit, I ain't Dame Dash, dummy
I'm the gates passed a hundred on that red Ferrari
Me and Weezy blood brothers we got red Ferraris
Red tops in the hood, red tops on Bacardi
Red tops on top models at the after party
Before S . Carter
Was Brooklyn's stepfather
I was gettin' G-money like Nino at the Carter
I was just a baby like the face on the 3rd Carter
Even had a baby face like Tracy Evan's baby father
Yeah, so niggaz, you'll know where I mean
When I say I get the money like a money machine
Yeah, I'm in L.A. Gasolin
But when I'm in New Orleans
You can call me Chris Paulin (Yeah)


[Verse 2 - Lil' Wayne]
Okay, holla at your Blood
It's big dog Weezy
And in that big dog breezin'
Wit' the wig off
It ain't easy
To go this hard
But Weezy go dis hard
Like pussy right in front me
I get pussy, I get money
I don't get none of y'all niggaz
Like two three I'm after everyone of y'all niggaz
What am I sayin'? I'm ahead of all of y'all niggaz
And mine
Gon' shine like Armor All hitters (Ha!)
I wear that chopper like a uniform
You bitch niggaz never see me like a unicorn
Who would have thought the Bloods go crazy?
I got the red magic unbelievable amazin'
It's a beautiful day
I'm feeling like the father of a sun ray
Like Jamie Foxx I box like Floyd May
And if the weather right I play the red box Porshe


[Verse 3 - The Game]
Like a home invasion
And this time
I'm gon' shine
Like the chrome on Daytons (Okay)
You can wait on Detox or you can have more patience
Baby, sip that Patron while we get wasted
Weezy Wee sip lean, me I just taste it
We be soakin' up syrup like a Waffle House apron
Infa-red beam's goin' back to the basic
I'm a Street King, ask dude from The Matrix
Yeah, cash money in the basement
Me and Slim like The Hot Boys wit' a face lift
It's Freddy verses Jason
Who's your favorite rapper? Me and Weezy will erase them
And if they gettin' money, then we will paper chase them
Wit' beams they glow in the dark on Kanye's stage shit
Then we hijackin' Kanye's spaceship
Then land it on the red carpet at the VMA's, bitch


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