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Right On Time Lyrics

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yeah uhh
they no i wanna shine they turn my light's off
they no I love to rhyme they turn my mic off
what can a do to get this dirt off my shoulder
man these haters be hatin
they don wanna see me
happy, happy, happy,
they don wanna see me
happy, happy, happy
they just wanna see me
down, down, down
they just wanna see me
down, down, down
what can I do about about it
not an damn thing
im tired of everybody sayin I cant sing
well look at me now im singing freely for you haters
what are you gonna do with 2-0-9
you still gonna be hating on young rock
man what you hate it for
they wanna see me fold
im about to loose control
what am I gonna do
what am I gonna do
what am I gonna do
yo yo
im makin dough now
of course the hating go round
plus the flow is colder then sarah palins home town
if I wasn't me I'd prob be moody too
you don't like me and rock
what we do to you
did we crash and party
take your girl, steal your gig
or all of the above
well then Ifeel ya kid
Bein me is like a gift an a curse
Because even though im the best
They wish me the worst
They be judging on my records
without listenin first
but my song go for their ???
she aint skippin a verse
I can accomplish all my goals
Even if im blind folded
If you don't wanna see me happy keep
your eyes closed
What am I gonna do
what am I gonna do

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