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Same Blood Lyrics

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I can't break away cause
We all got the same blood
Won't stop talking 'bout this
Some haters gonna doubt this

verse 1:
I'm talking love and affection
all up in your direction.
Pray for protection
In life, prayer, it is my weapon
To be precise, I'd like a piece of the pie
So sick when I spit they want a piece of my hide
sleep? Ha. I can sleep when I die
For now I'm gonna ride for a cause called life.
When I look to the scene
What do I see?
A bunch of human beings.
Just like you
Just like me
Just like you, Just like me
With a mind that's free

I keep movin' forward, I ain't never gonna stop.
I like where I'm at, but I may see the top.
One day, Runnin' from Paparazzi


verse 2:
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Everybody got a dream, yeah.
life, life life ain't what it seem, yeah.
Fights, fights
they be the only thing
that I hate between you and me, yeah.
It's been nice since we jumped on that frequency
I believe in you like you believe in me
It's a beautiful thing like scenery
I've been reborn through the music
it's the G in me.
That's the only one that's leading me.
No fear,
I control where my angels be

You don't ever want to see
the monster that I used to be.
Using you for things I thought you owed to me.
Looking through the mind of a ghost,
had the devil close to me.
I heard what you heard,
so I'm gonna show you it's supposed to be.
One love connected, health and unity.
I see a little bit of you in me

(chorus x2)

verse 3:
I got memories, friends catchin' felonies
I'm on the run, that's what they keep tellin' me
So I sing a long melody, yeah
Love life, It's how you will remember me
Love life's what I'm yellin, G
Instead of sitting on the block
bringing light to my remedy
They'd rather bite than talk
They'd rather fight than run,
I'd rather get together,
get a better life to all.
A better life to all, a better life to all
something you can't stop.

I ain't just anyone, anyone
they know I'm gonna get it done, get it done.
You ain't never heard of me, heard of me.
So I'm gonna have to serve you some,
serve you some.


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