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Sanctified Lyrics

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[Intro: Betty Wright]
There's a few million angels movin' around me
I just worship thee, for all he's done for me
It's a new day, I have been born again
I've been born again, I've been born again
In His spirit, and His name, I'm sanctified!
Lord I testify, he's right by my side
I believe it be His word is so clear to me
Yeah, yeah

[Hook: Big Sean]
All I want's 100 million dollars and a bad bitch
Plus that paper chasin', it done turn me to a savage
Groupies in the lobby they just tryna get established
God, I've been guilty, fornicatin' from my status

[Verse: Big Sean]
Only real niggas so I know that you still gon' be absent
I feel like I'm the black Brad Pitt when I wake up to fuckin' an actress
We just shot a movie last night on the couch and I swear that that shit is a classic
If I want it, I need it, I need it, I have it, hit so much it's a habit
I'm greedy, I'm greedy, man fuck it, I'm greedy
Her titties so big that I nicknamed them DeeDee
I know that the devil is callin'
Man fuck that weak-ass nigga, let it keep ringin'
Right now I'm connected with Jesus, on threeway with Yeezus
We just signed a treaty, I'm on the couch like "Free my niggas!"
But niggas cannot get a freebie
If I'm in the field then you know that I TD
Overtime, all the time, man I repeat it
I need some good pussy and Posturepedic
Stressin' so hard think my hairline receded
I say how I say and I feel how I feel
And I won't take it back, it's no need to recede it
You stuck on a bitch?
Well I stuck to the script all my life, ain't no need to re-read it
If you got my email, you's a millionaire
If you got my cellphone, you's a realionare
I ain't been home in months but bitch I'm still the mayor
That Detroit nigga gettin' married but I'm still a player

[Bridge: Betty Wright]
I can feel his blessings wash away my sins
I'm sanctified and, I have been born again
Now I proclaim, hallowed be thy name

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