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Segue Lyrics

from Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

"Segue" is track #16 on the album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic. It was written by Nelson, Prince Rogers.
"Segue" is track #16 on the album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic. It was written by Nelson, Prince Rogers.

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(uh, mr. freeman, there's a tony m. out here 2 see u)
Tony m., alright, send him right in
Now remember sledge, don't go over 5 million
(go right in)
Yo, ted
Hey tony (tony, nice 2 see ya man)
Hey, how's it going baby?
Alright, u want some... u want somethin' 2 drink, sit down
Yea, a little somethin'... who... who's this, man?
Oh, this is my partner, jim sledge (tony, nice 2 meet ya)
Uh, yeah, whad'up?
So check this out, u got the chance 2 listen 2 the tape, right?
Uh.. listen? yeah, we both listened 2 it
(we loved it, it's so funky)
So what'd u think?
What'd u think the ode 2 the 70's thing, u know what I'm sayin'?
Bringin' the old flavor back and all
Great idea! (it's workin', it's workin')
It's workin', yeah
It's workin', huh?
So me and the fellas worked real hard on that, man
So we was like, u know, tryin' 2 get some numbers here
Numbers, numbers, we got numbers

(we got big numbers 4 ya)
We got say... (half? ) half a million!
Ha ha ha, it's funky, right? (it's f-f-funky)
Ha, so what I'm sayin' is, man
I mean, u know me and the fellas is tryin' 2 eat
We tryin' 2 get houses and things, u know, so we can be comfortable, umm more like...
Oh, right, right (right)
What do u say an amount like 2 million, man?
Ah, 2 million (2 million, that's a lot)
2 million!
(mmm, these motherfuckers'll go 4 anything)
Alright, check this out, man (go ahead tony, we're all ears)
U know, being that we have 2 do the, u know
U give us more like 4.5, 5 million, we do our own videos
The whole 9 yards
U don't have 2 worry about nothing
We runnin' the shop, u know what I'm sayin'?
Ah well... (don't even think about it)
Well, uh... (head are gonna roll)
Heads are gonna roll, but, let's go 4 it
Right, that's... that's close, right? (5 million)
5 million! (best we can do)
That's as close as your gettin'
Is that as close as we gettin'?
Well, uh, check this out
6.5, call my lawyers, peace!


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