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She Ain't Got The Boom Like I Do Lyrics

feat. Destiny's Child

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yo see what I believe is...(uh huh uh huh) 808 needs love

oh babe
Is it true that your girl don't do the things I
Are you missing this love that I used to give to you
Had you coming in the front door leaving out the back at night
oh babe oh babe ohh
Do you stay up all night thinking how I did you right
Are you missing all the ways I used to keep it tight
I'm the only one who knows all the freaky things you like
oh baby oh babe

She aint got the boom like I do(no she dont,no she dont)
and she dont want a room like I do( yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yEEAAh yeah)
She aint got that junk in her trunk or the bump that you want and the girl aint got the moves like I do
And she aint got that boom like I do
and she dont move the room like I do
she dont put that curl in your toes when she makes her body roll and the girl dont work it slow like I do
(yeah yeah yeah)

Oh babe
Is it true that one day you called her my name
It was then that you knew that it didn't feel the same
Down deep in your mind 'cause you wanting me again
oh babe oh babe ohh
Dont pretend that your girls love is as good as mine
If it was you wouldn't be calling me all the time
This loves so good I'm the 1st thing on your mind
oh baby oh baby


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