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Glenn Frey
She Can't Let Go Lyrics

When I talk to her, I know she doesn't hear me
She seems to be a million miles away
When the lights start to dim she'll be thinking of him
She loves him so, she can't let go

It's been long enough for her to just forget him
But still she sees his face in every crowd
She walks out of the room when they're playing that tune
That's how I know she can't let go

She can't let go though she knows it's really over
She can't let go though she knows he's really gone
And I can't compete with a rose-colored memory
A memory that lingers on and on

I've tried everything but now there's only waiting
For the last dying embers to fade
Oh, she wants to be free but when she's holding me
That's when I know she can't let go
I love her so but she can't let go

Glenn Frey; Jack Tempchin

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