She Don't Put It Down

"She Don't Put It Down"
(feat. Lil Wayne & Tank) She ain't got a leg to stand on, dont even trip [Joe Budden] I can take you all over the world though Even tell you pack light The last lie couldnt even get a cab ride She don't do the blogs but even if she did She would be on mad sites Ass so mean I always on her bad side Ugh, now she dont ever stress me bout my whereabouts Never seems concerned with other birds that she may hear about She mind hers, its my turn That shit she barely care about Look amazing on me, why Im always tryna wear her out She dont ride like you, no she dont taste like that Not with a waist like that, do I let her go to waste like that She a mix between Karma Sutra, yoga, and porno flicks Funny how her breath get shorter when I give her long dick And Im telling yall straight up might think I imagined shorty even when she not made up
She kill em in Levis, see why it ain't even fair Look good in whatever she wear How could other women compare, they cant [Tank - Chorus:] I don't put another in your space, damn after you Its been hard to replace I just want the same judge sittin on the case She gon hate but she know She dont put it down like you (down down like you) (she don't, she don't) She dont put it down like you (down down like you) (she don't, she don't) Girl you working with the killer, ain't no body fuck with her She dont put it down like you (down down like you) (she don't, she don't) She dont put it down like you (down down like you) (she don't, she don't) [Lil Wayne] I can see the stars in the day time Bitch I miss you like a deadline And the girl Im with is just the girl Im with I mean its working out, so were staying fit But you know love is nothing ask Stan Smith But I gotta keep a bad bitch like Brad Pitt Remember our first kiss? Or our last kiss? I used to go dummy in that pussy, crash test You be fucking that nigga like you was fucking me Hah, Fuck that nigga, he cant fuck with me Im Tunechi bitch and you know that And that pussy throw back Any given night Id still pop that ass like a Prozac Girl you know you got that murder A beast in that La Perla And every time we cut I used the shredder, ninja turtles And I know you still love me And I know ya still for me That's why we still fucking Cause she dont put it down like you [Chorus] [Joe Budden] Looking round mine, no downtime, see nothing else even matters Cant even walk slow through that mall cause paparazzi running after Baby girl, working it like a pro
Slow it down or move it faster Whether them lights on or them lights off like Im sleeping with the clapper Still she watching what she eat
Yet, that ass keep getting fatter How Im sexing her, how am loving her, no longer be a factor Plus her already know, you don't turn 'em all to Casper Climb with the former rather latter You already know which one Id rather comeon [Chorus]

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